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Sleep Matters.

Enhance your sleep experience by exploring the extensive mattress collection at Gavigan's Home Furnishings. As a shopper, you deserve a comfortable and supportive mattress, considering that we spend approximately one-third of our lives asleep. Discover a wide range of cozy mattresses available in various sizes, comfort levels, and material compositions. Rest assured that our brand name options come at affordable prices, ensuring you get the best value for your money. Don't miss out on our fantastic deals on bedding and pillows too! For all your sleep needs, look no further than Gavigan's Home Furnishings in the Catonsville, Frederick, Forest Hill, Glen Burnie, Towson, Westminster area.

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Not sure what size you need? Check out our Mattress Size Guide to learn more!

Two-Sided Serta Mattresses

Most businesses don't carry two-sided mattresses anymore. But we've partnered with Serta to offer unique custom-made two-sided mattresses right here at Gavigan's Furniture!

What are two-sided mattresses?

Two-sided mattresses are an investment piece designed to be flipped and rotated regularly without any change to the comfort or support of the mattress. Regular rotation and flipping of the two-sided mattress improves its long-term durability by distributing wear evenly across the entire mattress.

In the end, two-sided mattresses save you money and pain. You'll have longer-lasting comfort and support. Plus, your two-sided mattress will last you longer than any other single-sided mattress.

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Adjustable Base

Adjustable Bases

An adjustable bed base allows you to sleep at angles that reduce pressure points, puts less strain on your heart, promotes proper circulation, and provides personalized support and comfort. Adjustable bases can also alleviate back pain, and help with snoring, reflux, and heartburn.

Adjustable Base

Box Springs

Not ready to upgrade to an adjustable base just yet? We offer a variety of box springs that provide a solid foundation for your new mattress to sit on.

Bed Frames

Bed Frames and Platforms

Like Box Springs, Bed Frames and Platforms help to provide the support your new mattress needs. Many frames work in conjunction with Box Springs while Platforms replace the need for one.

Need help deciding if an adjustable base is worth it?
Check out our Adjustable Base Guide to learn more!

Good Night Guarantee

Your comfort and satisfaction are our top priority.

 If you've purchased a new mattress set with a mattress protector from us, slept on it for 30 days & are not 100% satisfied, we'll be happy to let you exchange it within 90 days of your delivery/pick-up date*

*We ask that you allow 30 days to give your body the time it needs to adjust. New mattress selection must be of equal or greater value. We will charge $199 to cover delivery & return costs. Mattress pad cannot be exchanged or refunded. Mattress must be undamaged, unsoiled, and free of stains. Foundations, box springs, and adjustable bases may not be exchanged. Limit one exchange per household.

Shop By Sleep Style

Back Sleeper

Back Sleeper

Back sleepers know how they like to sleep. Lying flat on the back spreads out pressure points across the body and allows the spine to straighten out. Experts recommend a Medium-Firm mattress, this allows some give that will support the lower back area to prevent back pain.


Side Sleeper

Side sleepers each have a way of curling or not curling up on their side. The shoulders, hips, and knees are the three major pressure points in this position. A Plush or Ultra Plush mattress will help spine alignment as well as relieve pressure points by supporting the gaps between them.


Stomach Sleeper

Stomach sleepers seem like they haven’t a care in the world. A Firm mattress is recommended for these folks. Minimal give relieves pressure on the knees and prevents the lower back from sagging into the mattress and causing back pain.


Mixed Sleeper

Moving between positions in search of the perfect pose is quite common. Look toward the middle of the firmness scale. A transitional layer is recommended between the top and the base layers. This provides give at the top for side sleeping but not too much give for stomach sleeping.