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“You, “Your” and “Customer” refer to you, the purchaser. “We”, “Us”, “GF”, “GHF” and “Gavigan’s” refer to Gavigan’s Home Furnishings & Gavigan’s Furniture. “Special order” is defined as any merchandise not in stock at the time of purchase.  *Local delivery is classified as a 15 mile radius of any GF Location.

Before You Order:

Please check the order form prior to signing in order to ensure accuracy of contact information, the item numbers, sizes, finishes, & fabrics. Your order will be placed exactly as written. It is also important to take measurements to make sure the furniture you are purchasing will fit into your home & can be placed in the area of your choice.

Estimated receiving dates for special orders is approximately 8 to 10 weeks unless otherwise stated on receipt.  All items displayed in our showroom represent quality, workmanship & finish of merchandise you will receive.

Please notice the different features & characteristics of the merchandise you are purchasing. Characteristics/features include distressing, stain, wood grain, texture to leather, wood, marble & other stones can contain slight variations in appearance due to the inherent nature of these materials.

Financing must be applied for and approved at time of purchase.

Cancellations & Returns:

Special orders cannot be cancelled, changed or returned. Special orders are defined as any items that are not in stock at time of purchase and/or ordered directly from the manufacturer specifically for you.

Changing orders and/or cancellations must be done in person with original receipt.  Cancellations are only applicable in stock merchandise which has not been received by the customer.  The following conditions apply to cancellations and/or changes to your order:

In-stock merchandise cancelled and/or changed within 48 hours from date of purchase may receive a full refund.

“In-stock” merchandise cancelled after 48 hours of the purchase will incur a 30% restocking charge. Balance of deposits will be a store credit only.

Clearance items and floor models cancelled at any time will result in loss of total deposit.

Merchandise not picked up or delivered within 90 days of its arrival or purchase date will return to stock and any deposit will be forfeited.

We are not responsible for furniture that does not fit into home. Customer is responsible for measurements.

If GF fails to provide you, the customer, with an estimated delivery date or fails to deliver the ordered merchandise within 2 weeks of the estimated arrival time frame you may:

Cancel the contract & receive a full refund or credit equal to your deposit.

Modify the contract by selecting other merchandise, or

Negotiate a new delivery date with Gavigan’s

 GF is not required to allow you to exercise these rights if they cannot cancel the order with the manufacturer or supplier. If GF is unable to fulfill your order, we may cancel your order by refunding your deposit in full. Refunds will be mailed from our main office & require up to 2 weeks for processing. Charges will be credited to original account.

Pick Ups:

Merchandise not picked up on the agreed upon day will be returned to the main warehouse at the end of the day. You must reschedule your pick up at which time a fee will be assessed.​

Please bring securing devices and packing materials.

Gavigan’s will be pleased to assist you in loading your furniture but it is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that the furniture is properly secured. Gavigan’s will not accept responsibility for any damage incurred to furniture or vehicles.

Concealed damage must be reported to GF within 24 hours of pickup. Customer must return merchandise with original packaging.

Pick up information may be obtained at any GF location.

GF will charge $199 to pick up & bring back refused product OR charge $50 for customer to bring back refused product & warehouse will inspect it. We have the right to refuse said product if damaged.

GF will impose a 3% storage fee of purchase price after 30 days of our warehouse receiving your purchase (unless stipulated otherwise at time of sale). If otherwise agreed, GF will hold your purchase for an agreed term after receiving your purchase & balance must be paid in full.


If at any time GF requires legal advice or service regarding this purchase, customer agrees to reimburse GF.


GF does not move or remove existing furniture.

GF will make every effort to deliver your merchandise on selected day provided a truck & delivery team are available & weather permittable. We will attempt to contact you the day before delivery to confirm your order & provide you with a 4 hour delivery window.

If a delivery is cancelled within 72 hours of the scheduled date or you are not home to receive your merchandise on the scheduled date, a second delivery fee will be assessed & must be paid prior to re-delivery being scheduled for next available date.

The customer’s responsibilities include:

Ensuring you or an adult be present to receive delivery.

Ensuring the area is clear & ready to accept merchandise.

Ensuring entrances, doorways, & pathways to the area the merchandise is to be placed is clear.

Damage to personal property or merchandise is clearly noted on delivery ticket.

Reporting concealed damage within 3 days to the customer service department.

GF will not accept responsibility for damage to property or merchandise not clearly noted on the delivery ticket or concealed damage reported after 72 hours.

If Gavigan’s determines:

The area is not safe.

Ready for delivery.

Merchandise cannot be placed in location without possibly incurring some damage.

Gavigan’s may refuse to deliver or require you to sign a limited damage waiver. If you decline to sign the waiver, merchandise will be returned to our warehouse for customer pick up.

Delivery fees will not be refunded for any of the aforementioned conditions.

Regulations & guidelines imposed by OSHA & our insurance carrier prohibit delivery team members from removing their shoes.

No Fits:

Customer is responsible for measuring their home (doorways, stairwells, entrances, etc.) to make sure their order fits in their home. If their order does not fit, it is considered a “no fit”. This will result in a Loss of delivery + 30% restocking fee of total purchase price.


When purchasing reclining/motion furniture, derailing may be required to deliver into your home. The charge is $25 per trip to derail before scheduled delivery day. If customer does not pay derailing fee at time of purchase & derailing is necessary at time of delivery, the charge is $50 & will be paid over the phone to the corporate office.


We honor all written manufacturer’s warranties.

Gavigan’s reserves the right to repair or replace, at our discretion, any product that has a manufacturing defect.

All sales on floor models and/or clearance items are final & sold “as-is” & no service.

Manufacturer’s warranty is limited to 6 months against defects unless otherwise stated in writing by manufacturer.

Merchandise delivered within local delivery* area will receive free in-home service for the first 6 months. This excludes cushions, pillows, dining chairs and stools.

The following must be returned to Gavigan’s for service:

Merchandise picked up by customers.

Merchandise delivered beyond local delivery*area.

Merchandise that has been moved from original address.

Cushions, pillows, dining chairs & stools.

The following are not covered by manufacturer’s warranty:

Transportation costs to and from customers home and/or service travel time.

Damage or discoloration caused by sunlight, pilling of fabric and/or wear.

Shading or shrinking of any fabric due to improper cleaning.

Chips, rips, tears, and glass/mirror breakage occurring after the merchandise is accepted.

Accessories and linens.

The following will void manufacturer’s warranty:

Commercial usage.

Failure to allow inspection and/or repair of a manufacturer’s defect.

Stains on bedding.

Damage due to misuse, abuse, heavy soiling, or accidents.

Animal usage or unpleasant odors of any type.